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Kingfisher seeks projects that combine sound scientific, economic, social and political realities and have a potential conservation impact substantially exceeding the amount of time and capital invested.  Selected examples of interesting projects:

  • Develop improved, comprehensive economic models and measurements for assessing the impacts of fisheries management policies.

  • Implement new laws and trade policies that prioritize resource and ecosystem health as the foundation for sustained development.

  • Support leaders with a demonstrated approach, able to incorporate the views of multiple stakeholders and generate politically palatable solutions at the right moment.

  • Test novel ideas or methods with a modest investment.

  • Pilot non-traditional, sustained funding methods for fisheries rebuilding, management and conservation.
  • Communicate successes through thought pieces, workshops or legislative information sessions that can change behavior, shift the debate or help an idea be adopted as the new status quo.

  • Develop careers of results-oriented people who share our values.  Attract individuals with fresh perspectives and strong track records from other fields to fisheries management.



WHERE WE WORK    Pacific Coast of North America  /  Tropical Coral Reef Fisheries of the Pacific



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